Why ‘2 little sticks’?


We live with a host family here in Peru.  There are four generations living on different floors of a four-story building, all the way from great-grandmother down to great-grandson.  We live in a separate apartment on the first floor, but regularly participate in family gatherings and feel like extended members of the family.

Our host mother, like me, is an avid knitter and has been super helpful in finding the best natural alpaca yarns in the area.  We sometimes knit together in the evenings, teaching each other different techniques and patterns.  I introduced her to interchangeable needles (she’d never seen them before so I brought her back a set from the US, she was tickled pink!), and I taught her about the magic loop method.  She introduced me to a style of knitting that’s very common here–Portuguese style–with the yarn draped over her the back of her neck, and she has taught me all the common knitting vocabulary.

Interestingly, the knitting terms used here are simple and uncomplicated. My favorite word is the one they use for knitting needles.  Palitos.  Literally translated as “little sticks.”  And that’s where the name for this blog comes from.

2 little sticks.  🙂

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