WIP Wednesday


We arrived back in the US last week after spending 14 amazing months in Peru (see my other blog, Vida Huancaína, for lots of fun stories and photos from our time there!).  Now we’re entering the readjustment phase and have been spending lots of time running errands and getting ourselves situated for life back home, e.g. registering vehicles, unpacking boxes from storage, etc. Amongst all the busy-ness, my knitting has been languishing.  But tomorrow I have to start my new (and temporary) position, so I forced myself to carve out some time for knitting to calm my nerves and let out some creative juices before heading back to the land of spreadsheets and meetings.

I’ve been working on my Watson cardigan now for about a month and managed to finish the body up until the pleat on the back.  I’d been dreading this part because I’ve never done a pleat before and it seemed to require quite a bit of brain space to figure out the instructions.  I waited and waited until I had a quiet time with good afternoon light (and a latte in hand) to attempt it.  Well folks, I did it.  At least a first…


I worked the front lace panel, moved on to binding off for the underarm, and then made it to the pleat section.  I put the requisite stitches on my dpns and laid out the pieces of fabric into z’s for the bind off (see photos above).  I slowly completed the bind off, double checking as I went through that I had managed to pick up all three stitches from the three dpns.  I finally finished, threw my hands up in the air in triumph, and took a photo for posterity.  Then I decided to put my knitting down for lunch.

Well, sometime during lunch evil gremlins must’ve gotten into my project.  When I picked up my knitting again to finish binding off the underarm on the other side, a stitch or something must’ve dropped and the whole second half of the pleat unraveled.  Guys, I’ve never had something like this happen to me before.  The thing just plain unraveled.  WTF?  I did my best to pick up the loose stitches and put them back on the needles, but I am miraculously missing something like 20 stitches!  I have no idea what happened.  I decided in the interest of my sanity, and in an attempt to stay calm as I prepare to re-enter the workforce tomorrow, I would just set it aside and figure it out later. (You’ll notice there are no pictures of the unraveled project, just part of my attempt to put it in the past and move forward calmly.)

So, despite all of my best efforts to be fully coherent, well-lit, calm, and caffeinated at the time of pleating, it just didn’t go my way.  Has that ever happened to you?  What’s your secret for staying calm when the knitting gremlins get to your projects?

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