WIP Wednesday: Third time’s a charm!

watson1I finally did it!  I finished the pleat on my Watson cardigan! After my last post where I experienced inexplicable unraveling of the pleat, I put down my Watson cardigan for a couple weeks.  I wanted to give myself some distance while I got over the frustration of what had happened before I started again.  To clear my head, I picked up a quick and satisfying knit (see my recently finished Romney Kerchief!).  And with that project finished and a good night’s sleep under my belt, I sat down to start over on Watson.  I ripped back two rows, read the instructions a couple more times, reviewed others’ comments on Ravelry, and attempted the pleat again.  Well, the first redo didn’t go perfectly, but I got mostly there.  So I ripped back a few stitches, tried a second time, and voila!  A pleat!  And it didn’t unravel!  Hurrah!

Now that the pleat is done, I’m speedily working on the fronts and feeling really confident.  I’m nearly done with the left front now and I hope I can keep the momentum going.  I’m crossing my fingers that I can figure out a way to bring along on the sleeves to knit during my super-long train commute into the city…

I don’t know if I’m going to get much wear out of the cardigan anytime soon, since the alpaca might be a little too heavy and warm to wear now that the temperatures are slowly creeping upward, but I’m still eager to finish it up sooner than later with the hopes that I might be able to wear it once or twice before spring is over!

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