WIP Wednesday: slow progress…


I got a little distracted the past couple weeks and haven’t made as much progress on my Watson cardigan as I had hoped. I primarily blame my super long commute. We’re talking 2 1/2 hours each way. That’s 5 hours on trains, buses and subways every work day. Ugh. It’s a temporary thing until we find our own place closer to the city, but it’s really taking its toll. The cardigan is at a stage now where it’s too big to take with me on the commute and I’m just too exhausted when I get home to knit in the evenings. Luckily I found myself a little knitalong to participate in so I had a small project to take with me on the train last week (see more on that here).

All of our rental showings fell through this past weekend (insert audible sigh here), so I did end up with a little unexpected knitting time and I managed to finish up the right front and start on the left front of the cardigan.  Maybe I’ll move onto the sleeves next instead of tackling the back lace panel as the pattern is written. I feel like sleeves are much more portable and could be a commute appropriate project. We’ll see what I decide as I head out the door in the morning!


In addition to some knitting, we also took some time the past two weekends for “spiritual refreshment” with short hikes at Giuffrida Park in Meriden, CT and Devil’s Den in Westport, CT.  At Giuffrida Park, we hiked up to Chauncey Peak, which had a lovely view of the surrounding towns and of Crescent Lake (which we’re pretty sure is some sort of man-made reservoir posing as a lake).  The hike was physically demanding with a quick ascent up 500 feet to the top of the peak before starting a less steep decline and jaunt around the lake.  At Devil’s Den, we did a 3 mile meander through the land trust, which has some beautiful little streams and ponds scattered throughout it and lots of birds hanging out in the trees.  We heard many woodpeckers tap, tap, tapping away, but only managed to actually see one.


The hikes were a nice break from all the stress of resettling back into the USA, but after hiking all over Chilean Patagonia I was a little underwhelmed with the landscape. Guess I can’t complain, at least we found some passable hiking this close to NYC!  I am excited to explore more trails in the area, especially as the leaves come in on the trees and turn the landscape from gray and sparse to lush and verdant.

What are you working on this week?

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