I kept the promise I made to myself from my last blog post. I picked up my knitting no matter how crazy things were feeling between work and resettling into the US and everything…even in the middle of camping! I did a little “knamping” (aka knitting while camping) during the long holiday weekend.  (Yes, knamping is a totally made up word.  And it’s a little silly.  But I don’t care…because it’s knitting!!)

We went camping in the Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness in the Adirondacks of New York State, where I knamped my heart out in the late afternoon despite the dipping temperature (the low was 38 our first night out!).  I worked a few more rows on my Show-off Stranded Socks while sitting at a pollen-covered picnic bench until my fingers grew too numb to work the needles. And I couldn’t have been happier.

The second day we packed up our packs, drove to a trail head, and hiked in and up to the top of Pharaoh Mountain. The view from the summit was absolutely breathtaking. Sweeping views of the rolling hills and peaks that make up that part of the world, dotted with beautiful blue lakes and ponds. What a special spot.  We climbed back down and spent a night camping under some pine trees near one of the ponds we had seen from the summit.  We saw mallard ducks swooping in for a landing on the pond, heard loons calling out in the night, and woke up to delicate raindrops making millions of concentric circles on the water’s glassy surface.  Such a great way to unwind, recharge the batteries, and get ready to take on all the tasks that lie ahead of us.

Now, to find a way to make this a more regular thing.  I see much more knamping in my future!

7 thoughts on ““Knamping”

      1. oh good stuff. I used some madeline tosh from a Knitcrate I received. I made a shawl. I love that you camp in the Adirondacks! I am from upstate NY and canoe camped many years on Indian Lake!


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