One of my favorite things about our parents’ generation is that they still receive a print newspaper delivered to their door every morning, and that they clip out articles of interest and either mail them snail-mail style or wait until we visit in person to pass them along. Sometimes the clippings aren’t very helpful or are just depressing (e.g. how our generation can’t afford to buy a home anymore, or how it’ll take forever to pay off those student loans…), but sometimes they are spot on.

My husband just received one of the latter types from his mom yesterday. An article on the island of Chiloe that I was telling you about in my last post about Chile. I was raving about the natural wool yarn I picked up when we visited there in December, but what I didn’t mention was the knitting culture that permeates the entire island. The article talks about the vendors in the artisan market who raise their own sheep, then spin their own yarn from the fleeces, and then knit it up into beautiful shawls. I definitely saw that knitting culture as we traveled throughout the island, passing by flocks of grazing sheep, heavy with wool as the shearing time quickly approached, and artisan markets teeming with skeins of yarn and large wooden spindles for sale. And even restaurants on the island pay homage to the knitting culture with photos of women knitting on the covers of menus, and with dolls knitting in rocking chairs worked into the decor.


I can’t say enough good things about Chiloe. Even if you aren’t a knitter, there are plenty of things to entertain. A nature reserve with penguins. Beautiful wooden churches and colorful houses on stilts extending out over the clear, calm harbor waters. And lots of yummy seafood dishes (try the curanto!).


If you ever get to Chile, make the time to visit Chiloe. You will not be disappointed.

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