Summertime craziness

Summer is always a busy time with trips and fun outdoor activities and general soaking up of the warmth and sunshine.  This summer has been especially crazy for us, but all for good reasons.


One big thing that’s been taking up a lot of our time is moving into our new place!  After 4+ months bouncing around between generous family members’ homes since we moved back from Peru, we have finally landed in our very own place.  We’re officially living in the ‘burbs, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  We have tons more space than we’ve ever had before, e.g. lots of room for yarn storage, hurray!  And there’s so much green space around us; it just feels so much healthier.  We are living on the first floor of this lovely Victorian house built in the early 1900s.  It has all of these great details, like scalloped molding, bay windows, and filigree radiator covers.

Between the moving, unpacking and organizing the new space, there hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on (except for the latest Fringe Association hatalong, but more on that when I finally get around to taking some photos).  I hope to change that very soon, because we’re headed off to see my family in Seattle for a long visit and when we visit Seattle I always squeeze in a visit to one of my very favorite yarn shops, Churchmouse Yarns.  This time I am also planning a trip to check out a new yarn shop that I’ve only heard good things about, Tolt Yarn and Wool.

I know that summer is winding down and lots of other knitters out there are getting ready to cast on heavier wool items for the coming fall and winter, but I have my sights set on getting some linen yarn so I can whip up a top or tank.  I’ve never made one before and it’s been on my mind a lot lately as the temperature and humidity level keeps creeping upward.  I did make a shawl with linen yarn a few years ago, and I just love how it gets more and more drapey and lovely with each wash and wear. Though, as always, I have a feeling I’ll walk out of both shops with something that I didn’t expect, which is part of why I like going in and browsing in local yarn shops so much.  They always give me some creative inspiration and ideas for new projects.  I can’t wait to see what our upcoming visit inspires me to make!

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