WIP Wednesday: Saco stripes


I am happily working away on my last summer knit–Saco Stripes!

After 14 months living in the chilly mountains of Peru and knitting primarily with handspun alpaca and wool from the surrounding area, I was looking forward to knitting something with lightweight linen once we got back to the US. I had seen all sorts of lovely photos popping up on Instagram of Saco Stripes by Pam Allen in early spring, and I just knew I had to knit one myself once I could get my hands on some linen yarn!  With it’s tiny stripes and simple, flattering shape, it seemed like the perfect last-minute summer project.  I’m using Louet Euroflax Sport Weight, which I’ve used once before and love how the finished garment gets even softer and more drapey with each wash/dry (and you can wash it in the machine no less!).

I didn’t really have a color scheme in mind when I wandered into the yarn shop to purchase the yarn, and the selection actually happened very organically.  The first color that caught my eye was a beautiful French blue.  It just so happened that there was only one skein left, so it automatically became my contrast color due to lack of sufficient yardage.  After that I held up a couple different colors to see how they looked with the blue and finally decided on a lovely peachy color called Terra Cotta.  It’s an unusual color selection, at least for me, as I generally tend towards teals.  At first I was a little bit wary of how the colors looked together when knitted up, but now that I’ve advanced a few inches it’s growing on me and I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit to try new colors.

With the end of summer quickly approaching, I set myself of goal of finishing by Labor Day so I could wear the finished tank over the long weekend where we celebrate the season’s last hurrah at my mother-in-law’s place on the beach.  At first I thought maybe I was in over my head, but the simple stockinette stitch has been flying off the needles.  I cast on for the project on Friday and just 5 days later I’m making really good progress.  I really hope I can keep this momentum going!

Do you have any last-minute summer gifts on the needles?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Saco stripes

  1. Oh, I love your color combination! I love linen so much-that top is going to be fantastic 🙂 I’m pretty much done with summer knitting-I have a cotton Featherweight that’s only a few rows in that will just have to wait until next year. Now I’m trying to catch up on fall knits that I promised people would be done by fall!


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