WIP Wednesday: Saco Stripes progress!

sacostripes sacostripes2


Well, I’m just happily flying along on this Saco Stripes tank! I sat myself down on Saturday afternoon with a little bit of Gilmore Girls marathoning in the background and next thing I knew I was onto the armhole, then the neck, then the armband shaping,  Hurrah!  In just 10 days I managed to cast on and finish the back of the tank.  Now, on to the front!  I think I may just be able to meet my self-imposed Labor Day deadline….especially if I take the project along with us this weekend when we go camping.  I see knamping in my future!

I think the back of the tank looks like it has some really lovely shaping to it when it’s laid out flat, though I have some serious rolled edges to deal with, which I suspect may require some heavy handed blocking.  I don’t think I’ll mind a little rolling up at the bottom edge on the finished product, just as long as the garment is long enough to cover my midriff!

Now, time to get off the blog and back to knitting!

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