No knamping for me…

I didn’t get to do any knamping this past weekend (insert big frowny face here).

We had planned to go for an overnight in the Catskills.  We were so proud of ourselves, all packed and ready to go ahead of schedule on Friday afternoon.  We hit the road, totally pumped for escaping the city and convening with nature.  And then traffic happened.  So much for best laid plans and all that jazz.  There had been a major accident on the highway we needed to take out of town and cars were backed up for miles in each direction.  We stuck it out for an hour and a half in the hot afternoon sun (the AC in our car is out of commission right now) and we had only made it the distance that would have normally taken us 30 minutes. Funny thing is, our horoscope (we’re both Scorpios) had said that morning to avoid travel.  I don’t normally take the horoscope too seriously, it’s more just something fun to read in the morning, but next time I think I made heed its advice!

We did manage to squeeze in a little hiking at a place a little closer to home at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday morning.  We hiked about 5 miles of relatively flat meandering paths, sometimes wading through prickly bushes up to our shoulders.  We took time to stand still and take in the sounds of the wind running through the leaves.  We stopped to look at the wildflowers.  We recharged our batteries.  And it was lovely.  I am so glad we managed to get out of the city and into nature even if just for a few short hours.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get in another knamping adventure soon, but for now this will do it.

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