Tote Bag Refresh


I love my tote bag.  I know that sounds silly, but it has faithfully stood by me for over 7 years now providing both function and beauty to my every day life.  I purchased it from a Cath Kidston shop in Bath, England while on a trip with my family.  I use it every day for hauling all my things while I commute to work.  The pockets are just perfectly placed and spaced to hold my coffee thermos, my water bottle, my book, my lunch, my knitting, and all my other things.  I also love the cheerful flower pattern and have gotten compliments from random strangers on it for years.  And, as with things that are loved and used every day, it’s beginning to show it’s age.  So I gave it a little spruce!

totebag1 totebag3

I clipped off all the frayed edges on the straps and then used some embroidery floss to reinforce the fabric and discourage more fraying.  I love the way it now as a little pop of blue and feel proud of the fact that I’m mending and reusing quality goods rather than purchasing a replacement.  I think that this little bag has many more years of toting in its future!

4 thoughts on “Tote Bag Refresh

  1. That’s such a cheerful tote! It’s definitely always great to refresh old things that are serving us well, and hopefully this tote will continue to serve you well for many more years 🙂

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