WIP Wednesday: Nearing the Saco Stripes finish line…


I’m getting so close to finishing my Saco Stripes tank in time for my self-imposed Labor Day deadline!  And I would be even closer if I hadn’t had to rip back and start over THREE times on the front.  Despite the fact that I diligently read the instructions carefully (as the pattern explicitly states to “read the following section carefully before beginning”), I still made different mistakes each time I attempted the arm and neck shaping.  For future Saco Stripes knitters, here are some tips so you don’t end up like me:

  1. The pattern says to knit the front as you did for the back until you reach X amount of stitches.  Don’t just stop when you’ve decreased to the correct number of stitches, make sure to keep knitting with MC until you reach 17 inches!  If you don’t, your arm holes will be all off and won’t match the back.
  2. Map out the arm and neck decreases!  The pattern is written for varying rates of decreases on the arm holes and neck band and the writing spans multiple pages of the PDF version of the pattern (e.g. requires scrolling back and forth between pages).  I thought I was savvy enough to just read through the instructions and take it carefully from one row to the next.  Not smart.  The smarter way is to map/chart/write it out.  I did a very simple chart for myself indicating which row I would decrease one stitch at either the arm or the neck.  It probably looks like hieroglyphics to anyone else (see bottom right photo above as evidence*), but it makes sense to me and totally helped me decipher the written instructions into something more manageable.

Now that I’ve figured out how to navigate the front of the tank, it’s coming along quite quickly.  I have a feeling I’m going to be really happy with the finished product and happy that I spent so much time making sure that I was following all the instructions correctly.

And now it’s time to get back to the knitting so I can get this finished up, blocked, and seamed in 3 days (eek!).  Fingers crossed I can find someone willing to take some FO photos (provided I have a FO that is!) while we’re at the beach this Labor Day weekend!

*and please forgive the poor quality of these photos that were hurriedly snapped with the tablet’s camera rather than my real camera. 

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