FO: Laurus Hat


With Labor Day weekend now past and the first days of fall approaching quickly (although not quickly enough for my taste because it was 95 here today!), it’s appropriate that I finally finished my Laurus hat for the Fringe Association’s hatalong!  I really enjoyed this first foray into colorwork and I feel more confident now to try out more complicated colorwork patterns!

For the main color, I knew that I wanted to use this lovely deep purple wool yarn that I had picked up in Valparaiso, Chile in December last year.  It’s a rustic yarn, a little bit scratchy, and definitely full of the squishy coziness that makes for a warm wintertime hat.  I looked through my stash for the contrast color yarn options and was a little bit overwhelmed with the possible color pairing options!  I took a poll on Instagram and got some helpful feedback, including the suggestion to take a photo of the possible pairings, turn the photo into black & white, and then see which pairing had the greater contrast.  I tried out the trick and was so glad I did, because the green made the best contrast in the photo and I love how it turned out in the finished object.

Now my conundrum is what to make with the remaining purple yarn? Perhaps some chunky slipper socks? I just picked up the Home collection from Quince and Co and have been eyeing the cute and simple Nelse Slippers or the lightly colorworked Bergson Socks. Or maybe I’ll improvise a simple cowl with either edging in green or a little bit of the Laurus leaf motif! So many options!

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