FO Friday: Watson


I’m in love with my Watson cardigan!  I am so glad that I pushed myself to finish it up in time for Rhinebeck because it’s definitely already gotten lots of use and I see it getting even more use now that the fall is officially upon us.

I just love the details of the lace panels on the front and across the back.  I also love the pleat on the back and the way it makes the fabric drape.  The size of the garment turned out perfectly as well.  The sleeves are just slightly on the long side and they taper to just the right tightness around my wrists to keep out the cold.  It’s a little bit longer than I had anticipated after blocking and it sticks out a little bit when I wear a jacket, but I think the length will add some much wanted warmth when winter fully kicks in.

I used some lovely fingering weight alpaca yarn that I picked up in Cusco, Peru.  The cone of yarn was 1 kilogram, and I still have about half of it left after finishing my Watson, so I have a feeling that there will be another sweater made from the same yarn in my future!  Possibly Anna by Pam Allen in the Quince & Co. Home collection or the super popular Hitofude by Hiroko Fakatsu.

I had a little trouble with some of the pattern’s instructions, so I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and tricks on my Ravelry project page–check it out here if you are thinking of knitting this pattern.  I’ve also blogged quite a bit about my progress on this cardigan (both the challenges and the triumphs) over the past few months (hard to believe I originally started working on this cardigan back when we were still living in Peru!), you can check those posts out here.

I’m so excited to have added this cardigan to my handknit wardrobe.  I love that you can dress it up with slacks for work or dress it down with jeans for the weekend.  I just know that my Watson is going to get a lot of use, which makes me so happy.  It’s so rewarding to know that after so much time and effort was put into making a handknit item that it’s going to get worn and loved for years to come!

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