A pair of pillows


This cute pair of pillows got finished up just in time for Thanksgiving like I had hoped.  And what a colorful pair they make!  They are the Linden and Alder patterns from Pam Allen’s Home Collection, both knit in Quince & Co’s lark yarn.

I had wanted something to spruce up the living room a bit since we were hosting our very first Thanksgiving for a total of 9 people (eep!). Thankfully, the meal went off without a hitch. My hubby, who loves to cook, tackled the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more, while I was in charge of the baking–a pumpkin pie and an apple + ginger pie for my pumpkin pie-averse hubby–and the decor.  In addition to the slapdash centerpieces made with flowers picked up at Penn Station while running to catch my train with what seemed like everyone and their brother the day before Thanksgiving, these pillow covers added a nice bit of cheer to our living room.

The design is simple, yet interesting with the branch and leaf motifs running up the side. The patterns are well written and easily modifiable (see my last post on how I modified the Alder pattern), though my thumb and I will be glad to take a break from all the purl stitches required for the reverse stockinette.  I also enjoyed using this pattern as an opportunity to learn how to knit a buttonhole. Btw, aren’t those wooden buttons the cutest? I picked them up from Melissa Jane at Rhineneck this year.

The finished pillows really make the living room cozy.  I splurged on down alternative inserts from Crate & Barrel, hoping they would be super comfy and last a long time. Well, they certainly live up to the comfort requirement. And they are just the right amount of squishy. Pair that with the beautiful, soft and warm hand-knitted cover and these pillows are perfection!

Now I’m off to knit up some holiday gifts…and a sweater for myself.  A nice blend of selfless and selfish knitting.  🙂

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