Goodness, we holidayed hard this past weekend. We wrote cards, wrapped gifts, trimmed a tree, and baked sugar cookies. I’m already pooped, and Christmas is still a week and a half away. But it’s that time of year, isn’t it? The time where we overprogram our lives and overestimate our ability to get it all done before the big day. We never learn, do we? It’s just too fun and there’s too much excitement building around us to scale it all back. And why would you want to when you can do it all while wearing blinking reindeer antlers?! 


And, despite all the crazy (or perhaps it’s the root of the crazy, depending on how you look at it), I’ve been able to make a good number of gifts by hand this year, which makes my heart happy. I managed to sneak in a couple photos before tucking them away into their wrapping, which I hope to share with you soon. (That knitting in the above photo is actually the one selfish piece of knitting I have on the needles right now, a much-needed neutral sweater in the Lila pattern by Carrie Hoge, but more on that another time.) 

Hope your holidays are coming along well so far and that you are enjoying every minute. 

One thought on “Holidaying 

  1. Fun! There is so much crazy this time of year, but it’s such a great crazy! I’m a bit behind-I have a bunch of cookies and snacks and cocoa mixes to whip up this weekend-and more knitting to finish, eep!


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