Holiday knifting* 


*Yep, I just made up that word.  Knifting. That time-old tradition of knitting for gifting.  Get it?  Knitting + gifting = knifting.  Ha.  Perhaps it’s time for me to lay off the Christmas candy?  All that sugar is going to my head!

But, in all seriousness, I am really happy with how my knifting went this year: 4 pairs of Lily slipper flats, 1 Bandana cowl, 1 Audrey hat, 1 Laurus hat and 1 pair of baby mittens!  And they were all made with yarn from my stash, the majority of which was picked up in Peru and Chile last year while we lived in Huancayo.

My favorites of all the knifting were the Lily slipper flats from Pam Allen’s Home collection.  Aren’t they just adorable?  I ended up making four pairs in total.  They were great stash busters and quick knit.  I could whip up a pair over a long evening of knitting.

I opted to use just two colors instead of the three called for in the pattern, mostly due to yarn stash limitations.  I also made some additional modifications for size.  The two pairs in purple (made with Aran-weight wool yarn from Chile, which I also used for the Laurus hat) are the closest to the original pattern, which is modeled on a woman’s size 8, but I went down one needle size to get the right gauge. I also modified the pattern for friends with smaller feet, size 6.5-7, by using worsted weight yarn and a smaller needle.  I made two of the smaller pairs–the blue/orange pair is made with Quince & Co’s lark yarn and the coral/grey pair is made with Local Color Fiber Studio’s Rambouillet Worsted yarn, naturally dyed with madder root. (Full notes on the modifications are on my Ravelry page.)  I just love that coral and gray color combo. It’s not something that I would’ve ever picked out in my own, but sometimes rifling through your stash will bring unexpected and perfect combos to light.

I really hope all my knifting recipients like their wooly goodies because I sure enjoyed making them!  Did you do any knifting this holiday season? What was your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Holiday knifting* 

    1. Yes! I highly recommend it. The only drawback is that the pattern isn’t for individual sale, you have to buy the whole collection, but I’ve already knit three items from it so it’s a good one to have!!


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