1st blogiversary!


It’s hard to believe that it not only has been a year since I launched this little blog, but also that we’ve been back in the USA for nearly that long.  Our 14-month stay in Peru gave me plenty of time to explore this hobby of mine (and set up this blog 2 weeks before our return to the States). It also stoked the fire of what would become an intense passion for this craft that involves 2 little sticks and some fiber.

With the rich knitting culture and fiber abundance that Peru offered, it’s not hard to understand why this passion of mine grew.  I saw women knitting every day, at every turn–while grocery shopping, while tending to their market stall, while walking to town with a baby bundled up in a traditional manta on their back.  I also had access to beautiful, natural, minimally-processed wool and alpaca yarns, produced right there in the Mantaro Valley where we lived.  I was living the knitter’s dream!

And then we came back to the reality that is the USA, with its full-time jobs, long commutes, and other obligations.  I’ve still managed to find space in my life for knitting, whether it be on the train into the city or for a few minutes in the evening while coming down after a long day at the office.  I find it to be deeply important to maintaining my sanity, both as a stress-management tool and also as a creativity-management tool.  In my public health job, I spend a lot of time looking at data.  And while analysis of all that data could be construed as a creative exercise, it’s just not the same as creating something as lovely, soft, warm and tangible as knitting.

Blogging has also provided a nice outlet for me, not only to write (I never knew how much I enjoyed writing until I started blogging!), but also to share my knitting passion with others (and there really are more of us out there than I ever realized!).  I want to take this space a little further in the coming year with a series of posts that I’ve been meaning to get around to for quite some time now.  A little showcase of some of the fiber arts I’ve collected over the years of traveling for work and pleasure. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading and sharing with me over the past year!  I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me over the coming year!

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