Baby hats, mitts, and booties, oh my!


I’m of that age where all of my friends are having babies (myself included!).  And I love to knit them all a little something special for their new arrival, especially an adorably tiny hat and matching booties.

My favorite, go-to pattern is Baby Hats, Mitts, and Booties by Knitting Plain and Simple.  It was the first baby knit pattern I ever purchased.  At the time, now over 3 years ago, I was still a beginner knitter and had only knit some scarves and one adult-sized hat.  I have to admit that I was a little intimidated at the thought of making something more complicated like a sock/bootie, but the pattern was so straightforward that it was a breeze to get the hang of it.

Over the years I’ve made so many versions of this pattern, as you can see from the photo collage above.  The very first ever set that I knit was the orange one.  It was simple and quick in Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn.  I then got more brave on the second set that I knit for my twin nephews, using some of the leftover orange yarn from the first set to make a contrast stripe around both the hat and the booties.  From that moment on, I’ve been happily experimenting with different variations to jazz up the basic pattern.

More often than not I just knit up a hat and booties as a gift for the new baby, though I have made a handful of the mitts.  I like the basic hat with the rolled edge, though the pattern also gives instructions for a ribbed edge version and even one with earflaps that ties under the chin.  I’ve heard from many of the recipient mamas that the booties stay on, which I know is no small feat for those tiny feet (haha).   And I even had one mama ask me to make a bigger size of the mitts for her little boy when winter-time was approaching and she had a hard time finding good mittens in the store.

Even after making dozens of sets, I am still amazed by how simple the construction is and how well the finished product turns out. And, even better, the pattern is so simple that you can easily add in some embellishment to really personalize the finished object.  It’s also a great way to use up your yarn stash.  You only need a little bit of contrast yarn to add a stripe or add a bow knit out of an i-cord.  There are so many options, and good thing there have been so many small beings entering the world for me to let my creativity loose on this great basic pattern!


2 thoughts on “Baby hats, mitts, and booties, oh my!

  1. I love the ones you made for Bastien and Roxane so much, that now that they are way too old to wear them, I’ve set them as a decoration on a piece of furniture!


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